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Sometimes life gets messy.

What a way to start, right!

I had big plans to build this business but generally when you take on a project this big, stuff gets messy along the way. If I can give any advice on building online businesses it is;

learn as fast as you can, fail quickly, and fail often! 

That may sound strange, but when you start you will understand what I mean. The best thing you can do is keep positive and never give up! There is a lot of options and a ton of different methods to try when building a business like this. The best thing you can do is find a leader, or many leaders and follow their lead. However be careful and follow your instincts because many leaders may be only a half-step ahead of you.

That is why I created this community.

I wanted to share my journey and build a community where we can come together to make things work, collectively. A place where we can combine resources and knowledge to raise all of our communities together! It has been a wild ride for me so far! I started out with just trying to build a small online shop to sell my jewelry but along the way it became something so much bigger! I set out to learn marketing first since I realized that the days of create it and they will come are long gone. Along the way I fell in love with marketing! I wanted to create a space where we could learn and grow as a community. I needed this while trying to build my business so it has become my passion to bring it to you!

Marketing is a journey!

Going it alone is hard! These days it is even harder with new laws and big changes on the horizon. GDPR is a huge change and marketing is changing! I believe that now more than ever we, as business owners, need each-others support!


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