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How To Pivot Your Jewelry Business For More Online Sales

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Over the years, I have heard many jewelers tell me that they don’t see any need to market online. That word of mouth has always been their best marketing strategy. In light of the changes in the world right now It is my opinion that this idea seems to be quickly closing down jewelry businesses that refuse to adapt. The world is quickly becoming a place where if it can not be done online we don’t have time for it.

So if you are looking at moving your jewelry business online. Here are some ideas.

  1. Start building a following first. Mainly because it takes time. Follow as many jewelry influencers you can find and start doing what they do. Follow marketing influencers also and learn from them.
  2. Get a presence on as many social platforms as you can handle.
  3. Build a website if you don’t already have one or upgrade the one you have to be able to list your products online. If you cannot afford this then join a community marketplace like this one!
  4. Build a sales funnel. Just because you have a website doesn’t mean they will come. A sales funnel is a process of automated landing pages and automated emails that takes your customer through the different phases of the sales process. When your customer gets through this process it helps warm them up to you and your product and get them ready to buy from you. If you build your funnel well it can draw in customers to you even from other states. This can expand your business into ares beyond your local level.
  5. Tell your story online. People love to hear why you do what you do. Or better yet write a book about what you are best at and publish it. It can be an e-book or hard copy. Offering your book is a great way for your customers to see that you are the expert they want to connect with!

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